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Playing around with the volume of the skirt was the fun process in creating this dress! Over 80 meters of horse hair crinoline were used to create the flounce, attached to fine tulle so that the skirt was light and comfortable while still giving big princess skirt style. The bodice was meticulously fitted to Mayah's figure and each seam placed strategically so that she was still able to wear her bra as she wanted.

After the first fitting of the real gown, a few adjustments were made. The volume of the skirt was reduced slightly, hidden ties were put at the shoulders to attach the bra to the dress and stop any slipping, and excess fabric was removed from the centre back. Final details were finished such as the row of covered satin buttons along the zipper and lace appliques adorning the invisible tulle. 

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Mayah was married in London and looked a million bucks on her big day, with beautiful Hollywood waves in her hair and a complimentary hair piece. The illusion tulle of the dress flattered her skin tone perfectly and completely disappeared when she wore it, giving this beautiful illusion of the lace being placed onto her arms 

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